3255B – Wayne Kerr RLC Impedance Meters

3255B – Wayne Kerr RLC Impedance Meters
500kHz (Test Freq. Range High)

3255B and 3255BQ are highly versatile and accurate inductance analyzers able to characterise devices in a clear and simple manner. The three models in the range are the 3255BL (200kHz), 3255B (500 kHz) and the 3255BQ (1 MHz).

At the design stage of component development it is very important to analyse how components performs under different operating conditions. This includes operation over a range of frequencies, AC drive levels or DC bias currents.

The AC drive level can be set between 1 mV to 10 V. DC bias current can be set from 1 mA to 1 A internally (optional) with external DC bias units available increasing the maximum current to 125 A (3255B and 3255BQ).

•Frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 1MHz
•Fast measurement speed – up to 20 measurements per second
•0.1% basic accuracy
•Up to 125 A of DC bias current
•Comprehensive measurement functions
•Straightforward intuitive operation
•Print test results
•GPIB control with LabVIEW™ driver

Test Freq. Range High500kHz

Resistance Range High2MOhm

Capacitance Range High250 mF

MeasurementsL, Z, Rdc, C, Q, D, Rac, Phase

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