3015A – Ballantine Voltmeters

3015A – Ballantine Voltmeters
4.0GHz (High end frequency limit)

•Voltage ranges:
1 mV FS to 300 V FS in 12 ranges of 1, 3, 10 sequence. 10 dB between ranges
•Frequency Range:
Useable 5 Hz to 8 MHz
Calibrated 10 Hz to 4 MHz
Responds to absolute average value of the applied signal,
Calibrated in rms of a sinewave
+/- (% of FS + % of reading) above 1/3 FS
10 Hz to 20 Hz +/-(4+0)
20 Hz to 50 Hz +/-(2+0)
50 Hz to 1 MHz +/-(1+0)
1 Hz to 4 MHz +/-(2+0)
•Input Impedance:
10 Megohms shunted by less than 25 pF on 100 uV to 300 mV ranges,
and 10 Megohms shunted by less than 20 pF on the 1 V to 300 V ranges

High end frequency limit4.0MHz

Voltage Range High300 V

Voltage Range Low1 m V

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