2797 – Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers

2797 – Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers
7.10GHz (High end frequency limit)
The Tektronix 2797 spectrum analyzer is a wide band, very sensitive receiver. It works on the principle of “super-heterodyne receiver” to convert higher frequencies (normally ranging up to several 10s of GHz) to measurable quantities. The received frequency spectrum is slowly swept through a range of pre-selected frequencies, converting the selected frequency to a measurable DC level (usually logarithmic scale), and displaying the same on the CRT of the Tektronix 2797. The CRT displays received signal strength (y-axis) against frequency ( x-axis).
•Minimum Frequency 100 kHz
•Maximum Frequency 7.1 GHz
•Frequency Accuracy 0.007 %
•Zero Span Yes
•Minimum Span 100 Hz
•Maximum Span 4 GHz
•Minimum Sweep Time 200 us
•Maximum Sweep Time 100 s
•Minimum Resolution Bandwidth 10 Hz
•Maximum Resolution Bandwidth 3 MHz
•Minimum Video Bandwidth 0.3 Hz
•Maximum Video Bandwidth 30 kHz
•Maximum Safe AC Input 1 dBm
•Minimum Displayed Average Noise -130 dBm
•Maximum Displayed Average Noise -95 dBm
•Maximum Dynamic Range 134 dB
•Maximum Amplitude Uncertainty 5 %
•Input Impedance 50 Ohm
•Trigger Source External,Internal
•Trigger Modes Freerun,TTL
•Probe Power Yes
•Noise Source Driver No


High end frequency limit


Resolution Bandwidth Max.


Resolution Bandwidth Min.


Amplitude Range