2461C – Racal Dana Frequency Counters

2461C – Racal Dana Frequency Counters
200.0MHz (Max. Freq.)

The model 2461C is a high performance, 2- or 4- channel, universal 200MHz counter occupying a single C-size VXIbus slot. The module offers eleven automatic measurement functions, including phase, pulse, peak, rise/fall time, time interval and ratio measurement, all with extremely high resolution.
For maximum versatility, the counter includes one low pass filter per input channel, each with selectable hysteresis.

200 MHz Frequency Measurement
9 Digits Per Second Resolution
1 ns Time Interval Resolution (100 ps with Averaging)
2.5 mV Trigger Resolution
11 Automatic Measurements Including Peak Signal
Programmable Measurement Timeout
High Speed Measurement Storage
Automatic Attenuation Selection
DVM Meaasurements
Individual Channel Filtering
Selectable Sensitivity
Pulse Charecterization
Phase Measurement
Powerful Arming Capability
High Stability Time Base

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]

Frequency, Period, Ratio, Count totalization, Time interval, Rise/Fall Time, Pulse width, Voltage, DVM

More Details
VXI 200 MHz Universal Counter/Timer