2232 – Tektronix Analog Digital Oscilloscopes

2232 – Tektronix Analog Digital Oscilloscopes
100MHz (Bandwidth)
•Analog + Digital Storage Operation
•100 MHz Bandwidth (store and nonstore)
•Dual Time Base
•100 MS/s Digital Sampling Rate
•10 ns Glitch Capture, Any Sweep Speed
•Selectable 1K or 4K Record Length
•Three year Battery-Backed Storage for a Single 4K or Three 1K Acquisitions
•26K Extended Memory
•Time and Voltage Waveform Cursors
•Trigger-Level Readout
•Point-Selectable Pre/Post Triggering
•GPIB or RS-232C Communications Options
•8.2 kg/18 lb.
•3-Year Standard Warranty
•UL Listed, CSA and VDE Certified
•Two 10X Probes Included



Sampling Rate100MSa/sec

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Digital + Analog Oscilloscope