1999 – Racal Dana Frequency Counters

1999 – Racal Dana Frequency Counters
2.6GHz (Max. Freq.)

The model 1999 Frequency Counter offers a combination of superior performance and measurement capability in a compact half-rack package.

The 1999 utilizes microprossor controls, together with advanced LSI technology to provide outstanding technical performance with operational simplicity. Frequency, period and ratio measurement modes are incorporated with the capability of external arming, nulling and single shot measurement. A remarkable 9-digit resolution in 1 second over the full frequency range of 10Hz to 2.6GHz is featured.

For applications where speed is critical, the resolution may be varied between 3 and 10 digits to provide optimum speed/ resolution performance. Measurement times from 1ms to 20 s are user selectable to vary the resolution displayed.

Frequency Measurement to 2.6 GHz (3 GHz under restricted operating conditions)
9 Digit Resolution in 1 second
Wide Dynamic Range, Protected Amplifiers
Period and Ratio Measurement
Single Key Nulling
High Sensitivity, AM/FM Tolerant
Single Shot and Hold Modes

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]

Frequency, Period, Ratio

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