1952B – Fluke Frequency Counters

1952B – Fluke Frequency Counters
80.0MHz (Max. Freq.)

Measures frequency (DC-80 MHz), frequency ratio, time interval, period, period averages, and a gateable totalize with 7-digit accuracy.
Standard with two input channels (complete with X1 and X10 attenuators), AC and DC coupling, and individual trigger controls including ±slope, variable and preset trigger level controls and trigger status indicator lights.
A marker output enables the operator to set the start and stop triggering points accurately.
Input sensitivity is 50 mV (DC to 50MHz), 75 mV rms (50 to 80MHz). 10MHz time base with aging <±5 x 10E-07/mo; Frequency measurement accuracy of ±(1 count + timebase accuracy). Specifications Max. Freq. 80.0MHz Freq. Resolution [Digits] 7 Measurements Frequency, Period, Ratio, Time interval More Details Frequency Counter