1830-C – Newport Optical Power Meters

1830-C – Newport Optical Power Meters
1650 nm (High end wavelength limit)

The Model 1830-C Power Meter is a high-resolution autoranging picoammeter compatible with all of Newport’s 818 Series low-power silicon, germanium and indium gallium arsenide detectors. It is the most popular Newport model used in production testing of fiber optic components.
DC power measurements can be displayed in units of W and dBm on the instrument’s 4 1/2 digit annunciated, backlit, wide-angle view LCD, providing wide dynamic range with power sensitivities down to 10 pW and full scale readings up to 2 W, with the OD-3 calibrated optical attenuator. Various detector accessories allow for free-space, as well as for fiber coupled power measurements.
Relative power measurements, in reference to a previously stored value, can also be performed with the result displayed either as a ratio or in dB.
A built-in beeper, which changes its frequency as a function of incident optical power, can be utilized to optimize optical beam alignment.
RS-232C and IEEE-488 (GPIB) interfaces are both provided as standard features, allowing the remote control of the instrument with a personal computer. Sample LabVIEW drivers are provided upon request.
Additional features include wavelength adjustment in 1 nm steps from the front panel, and an analog output that provides a voltage proportional to the detector current, to be used for recorder or control loop applications.

This power meter is being phased out. Supplies are limited to stock on hand. This item has been replaced by the Newport 1931-C/2931-C, 842-PE or 1918-C.

Compact, full featured, benchtop instrument
Standard configuration includes both RS-232C and IEEE-488 interfaces
DC power measurements in the 10 pW–2 W range
Additional features include large, backlit LCD display, autoranging and an audible tone for alignment optimization


High end wavelength limit
1650 nm

Measurement Units
dB, dBm, Watt

More Details
Picowatt Digital Optical Power Meter