182A – Wavetek Function Generators

182A – Wavetek Function Generators
4.0MHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Wavetek 182A Function Generator covers a wide 0.004Hz to 4MHz frequency span in seven overlapping ranges. The unit puts out sine, triangle, square, TTL, pulse and dc and has both trigger and gate modes. High level output is a full 20 V peak-to-peak from a 50-ohm termination with maximum peak current of 100 mA. You can externally modulate or sweep the generator frequency in each of its 1000:1 ranges with dc or ac signals. Has DC offset with calibrated zero.

•Frequency Accuracy 5 %
•Maximum Output Voltage 10 V
•Output Impedance 50 Ohm
•Modulation FM,VCG
•Trigger Modes Gate,Trigger

Frequency Range Max.4.0MHz

Waveform OutputsSine, Square, Triangle, Pulse, TTL, DC Offset

ModulationGated, Trigger

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