16557D – Agilent / HP Logic Analyzers

16557D – Agilent / HP Logic Analyzers
68 (Max. Channels Number)
– The Agilent 16557D 135 MHz state and 500 MHz timing analysis module offers high performance state and timing analysis features at an affordable price. With this module, there is no need to connect special probes to view timing activity. Set up your analyzer to perform simultaneous, fully time-correlated state analysis on some channels and timing analysis on the rest. Features: 2M of acquisition memory to help link a symptom of a problem with a cause. 140 MHz state speed 500 MHz timing analysis provides detailed timing information on high-speed buses. 68 to 340 channels of data capture on the same time base and data trigger.

Max. Channels Number68

Max. State Speed135.0MHz

Max. Timing Speed500MHz

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68-Chnl 135 MHz ST/500 MHz Timing LA Module w/2M of acquisition memory- discont